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Steve Koller along with Koller & Associates L.L.C. provides a full service real estate company for all of your real estate needs.

His special emphasis is on investment, development, speculation, management, land acquisition, and foreclosure/auction sales.

As a second-generation family business, approaching 40 years in the industry, Steve, and Koller and Associates L.L.C. is Passionate, persistent, dedicated, committed, and loyal to real estate.

Strategically and conveniently located in the thriving Bucktown-Chicago metro area.

With a true eye for forecasting ‘up & coming’ areas, and an unprecedented 16 years in the market, Steve’s commitment and goal has contributed to increased profits for many of his buyers, sellers, investors, builders and developers.

Steve’s personal philosophy as a landlord himself:

"There is no better investment than real estate no matter
what condition the market is in"

With a wide variety of interests, Steve still makes the time and gives the same heart and passion to donating a lot of his time to several charities and people with special needs especially the Maine Niles Association of Special Recreation, based in Morton Grove, Il.

"The people I have chosen to work with and coach at Special Olympics- give me just as much as I give to them…that’s what makes me smile". "In 2005 we won the state championship— that was something truly special ... because WE did it as an entire TEAM effort."

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